Dr Edward Bach’s flower remedies, especially Rescue Remedy, are known and used all over the world.

His work developing this beautifully simple system grew from a deep conviction that the root of all illness lay in a disturbance of the mind or emotions – an idea we are now familiar with as stress-related disease. Bach puts it altogether more poetically:

‘Health is our heritage and our right; it is the complete and full union of soul, mind and body, working in harmony’.

Specific emotional states such as ‘fears and worries of unknown origin’ or ‘exhausted but struggling on’ are addressed by particular flower essences which can return us to a more balanced state of mind. The flower remedies can safely be used on their own, in combinations, and alongside other forms of treatment.

Dr Bach developed his remedies to be bought over the counter and used as a form of self-help, but he also recognised that it is sometimes helpful to get advice from someone who knows the remedies well. As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, I offer consultation on how flower remedies can work for you, as well as short talks or workshops for small groups in which participants can make their own blend with the remedies that suit them best.