Homeopathy appeals to me because it is a holistic therapy, which works to support our natural power to heal ourselves rather than overriding it. Treating someone as a whole person, mind and body, and trying to understand the underlying causes of their health problems makes sense to me, so that is always my basic approach.

Homeopathy puts the person before the illness. A homeopathic consultation considers all aspects of a person’s health (including the parts that are functioning well) in order to establish a picture of the whole person. Remedies are chosen to suit you, not just your symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are made from highly diluted preparations of a wide variety of naturally occurring substances such as plants and minerals. . Remedies are selected on the basis of the law of similars: something which can cause certain symptoms in its normal form has the potential to cure the same symptoms when it is made into a homeopathic remedy. For example, we can use a homeopathically prepared remedy made from coffee to treat insomnia, or a remedy made from nettles to cure an itchy rash.

Precisely how this works is not yet fully explained. However, there are many reliable clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of homeopathy for various health conditions, as well as some fascinating research into the properties of water which may go some way towards explaining the processes behind this effectiveness.

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