People often feel that they have to make an ideological choice to meet their health needs, between modern mainstream medicine or alternative therapies like homeopathy. The range of treatments available can be confusing, but it’s also something to feel happy about.

The NHS and alternative providers offer an abundance of fantastic resources to assist with diagnosis, treatment and maintaining good health. From the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, through the modern European herbal and homeopathy traditions, to modern medical techniques and discoveries, it is likely that there will be something available which is going to help you.

Homeopathy is a popular choice around the world. 29% of the EU population and 10% of the UK population use homeopathy as part of their day to day healthcare. There is a large collection of ‘homeopathy worked for me’ testimonials relating to many health conditions.

I am a private homeopath and flower remedies consultant, with 18 years’ experience of practice in South London. I offer consultation and prescription to anyone who thinks alternative medicine might be for them, whether or not they’ve tried it before. Get in touch today to book an appointment or ask for more information.

‘Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.’
Arthur Ashe